Unicorn Boogers, Troll Snot, Harpy Puke and Mermaid Mucus – DIY Slime

The weather here on the Pond has been ghastly.  First it was snow, snow, snow.  Now it is rain, rain, rain.  As a result, the Froglets are going stir crazy and so am I.  Today we decided to do something fun and mostly non-school related (although polymers are a lot of fun).  We had tossed around the idea of play-doh- but this Mama Frog is being stingy with her flour.  So instead, we got out school glue, the liquid starch and the food coloring.  I added essential oils because the smell of slime make me want to barf (real barf and no that of the harpy variety).


The recipe for slime is incredibly simple.  1 part starch to 2 parts glue and coloring and oils (if using) to taste (well you know what I mean- get the right color and cover up that smell).

DSC05432 DSC05437 DSC05435 DSC05434


What happens when you add the starch to the glue is the fun part.  The science of it can be found here (fantastic educational resource based for kids).  But basically it goes all gooey and wonky and looks liker you have ruined the whole thing and should toss it all in the bin.


DSC05450However, if you perservere you will get this:

DSC05444 DSC05454 DSC05449

DSC05451DSC05452DSC05459 DSC05457 DSC05456 DSC05455

Yep you read that right…You get Unicorn Boogers, Harpy Puke, Mermaid Mucus and Troll Snot.  Carry on.


Oatmeal Clay- A sensory Experience

It is a rainy day here on the Pond.  We also have an extra Froglet today, which means that often the littles get left out.  They were feeling blue and so I invited them to hang out with me in the kitchen and make some oatmeal clay.  Several years ago I bought a book at our local craft store and have used it so much!  I am excited to see there is a part 2 as well.  The book is called The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions.  It is available on Amazon used for under 4.00 and if you like making art supplies with your Froglets, this is the book for you.  Anyway, back to Oatmeal Clay.  Oatmeal clay is a great textural experience and this Mama Frog has found that it molds really really well.  This is not a clay to reuse- it dries out fairly quickly when not in use, which makes it ideal for amazing scultures without having to wait!  So with Mister Boy and Scootaloo on hand to help out, we gathered our ingredients.


1 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup water

1/2 c. flour

red food coloring (lady’s choice)

and Peace and Calming Essential oil (because at this point there was ALOT of fighting on this lily pad)


With the help of the Froglets, we added the first three ingredients to the bowl.  WIN_20140806_120437

And we mixed until it looked like this.


At this point we added the food coloring and essential oils



Mixed a little more.


This clay takes a little more food coloring than normal playdough, but my method is always to start with less and add more.


And just a little more.



The Little Froglets were more than happy with their new clay.   WIN_20140806_121027

And got right to work flattening it and molding it. WIN_20140806_121038

Mister Boy couldn’t wait to show off his pizza!


Oatmeal Sculpting Clay

Sneak Peak into Next Week- Kiwi Crate Teaser







For almost a year now, Scoot has been the recipient each month of a box of craft supplies from Kiwi Crate.  We got a discounted first box and decided to try it.  The allure of having ALL the craft supplies for 2-4 crafts all in one box with little effort was very tempting.  Not to mention, at the time we were taking a break from homeschooling, so did not have all the supplies on hand that we normally would have.  Scoot was sad the Big Frogs were in school and she was at home with The Boy, and this seemed like a good solution.  What I didn’t realize when I ordered it is how good of a solution it would be.  I would not be writing this post now, except that this month’s theme happens to tie into the next couple of weeks here on the Pond.  We did sun/solar and now will be doing a mini-lesson on the Night Sky and Astronomy.  Next year, the plan is to delve into this subject in some depth, so this is a teaser for the Frogs on what to expect.  The theme of the Kiwi Crate featured below is Nature Collections- It came with the materials to make a nature collecting box and a night sky lanterns, complete with a mini book on constellations.  You will be seeing that star punch used in the days to come, but I wanted to share this fun craft as well.   Using a cardboard frame, some translucent paper in different colors, some glow in the dark star stickers to hold the papers on the frame, pipe cleaners for a handle, an LED light for the glow and a star shaped hole punch for the stars, this was a simple craft for Scoot to put together with some mild “assistance” from The Boy and Mama Frog.


DSC02454 DSC02455 DSC02456 DSC02457


The result was a beautiful night sky lantern that cast its stars on the walls of her dark bedroom.  So a huge thank you to Kiwi Crate for this introduction to Astronomy, and for getting us all excited for the coming week!

DSC02458 DSC02459

Should you care to try Kiwi Crate on your own, you can get half off your first crate but using the following link:  http://www.kiwicrate.com/Refer?i=MicheleH2  (Please note I was not paid, reimbursed or otherwise rewarded for the above post.  It was posted simply because it was relevant to our life on The Pond and because  it was too cute not to share)