Where Has The TIme Gone?

Time is a fickle thing.  It passes super slowly sometimes.  And other times, it passes in the speed of light, whizzing by.  Somehow, that has been the last few months here on the Pond.  We had family visit from Texas for a week this summer.  We have had a 10 day relocation for lead abatement, Papa Frog was in the hospital with a blood infection for almost a week, and then just general craziness of life.  Birthdays have passed us by, and Halloween is a memory.  I keep meaning to pick up the blog and then find myself lost as to how to account for the missing time.  There is no way to recount it all.  So, we will call this time lost.  Even though, it is not lost, not truly, just lost to the annals of remembrance.

There is so much coming up that looking backwards seems pointless.  Lizard Breath is getting her new braces on Friday.  Papa Frog poises on the precipice of finding new employment, after his recent hospitalization has reinforced the need for a job with stability and benefits.  The Boy is cruising up on his 5th birthday and Baby E would have been 11 this Christmas season.  The business over at Greybriar Hollow continues to grow and bless our family in ways we would never have dreamed.

So enjoy this look back as we begin the task of looking forward.

DSCN1470 Boys DSCN1439 DSCN1442 DSCN1229 DSCN1141 DSCN1461 DSCN1463 DSCN0672 DSCN1057 FAMILY


You Can’t Kill Me, I Am In Creative- Not Another Minecraft Post, But Kind Of


“You can’t kill me, I am in creative.”  These are the words this Mama Frog heard on Saturday.  They are not particularly shocking words, as anyone who plays Minecraft knows.  What was interesting is that at the time, this Frog family was in the car, headed off to pick up our new deep freezer.  Now, one thing you should know about us Frogs is that we don’t have loads of electronic devices- no Nintendo DS, no iPads, only a couple of inexpensive tablets for schoolwork and Mama Frog’s laptop, along with a couple of desktops and an XBOX 360 (for Papa Frog).  Papa Frog and I play World of Warcraft -usually in the fall and winter , and Facebook games happen here more than I care to admit, but we are not the kind of family who is constantly plugged in.  It is okay if you are, we just aren’t.  So what was going on the backseat, you might be asking?

First of all, you need to understand that Minecraft is huge here on the Pond.  It was something the Froglets were introduced to after our friends came to visit last summer, and it has settled in with a vengeance.  They enjoy playing Minecraft in their computer time and watching Diamond Mine Cart videos during their free TV time.  They even enjoy listening to the Minecraft parodies of songs they have never heard.  In fact, I wager, if I let them, they would eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft.

Even if I was inclined to let them self-regulate their computer time, I couldn’t logistically make it work, since they use the computers to play.  Instead, I let them play in 30 minute blocks.  The blocks come after chores.  Generally they come after school work, although some days I give them Minecraft tasks to do as part of their school work.  (It’s amazing how versatile this game is).  However, what I have noticed is that if they play too much, they get very um, shall we say resistant to turning it off.

Hey, this Mama Frog gets it.  Papa Frog and I love our games too.  In fact, playing games together has been part of our relationship since the beginning.  Whether those games are electronic or not, there is a lot of intrinsic value in playing them together.  And the Froglets play together too.  Usually they play 2 by 2.  But I also understand what it means to make poor choices regarding how much time you are plugged in.  The computer can become not just an escape but your life.  I want the Froglets to learn some balance.

I know there is a lot of back and forth about Froglets not playing outside enough.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “When I was a young frog..”  Well, yes, Grandpa Frog, when you were a kid, but times have changed.  Froglets aren’t outside all the time, unless they are.  But its not the norm in most families, and while we spend our fair share of outdoor time, there are days we are stuck inside.  But my point is this- If they are encouraged, Froglets are still engaging in imaginative play.  It may not be the “Cowboys and Indians” version from OUR childhoods, but they are still playing.  You just have to watch.

That brings me back to that strange conversation overheard in the car.  See, what I found out (by just asking) was that my Froglets WERE in the backseat playing Minecraft.  Their version of Minecraft, in which they were Steve, or Creepers, or just trying to think how they could build new things on their “crafting table”.  Yesterday they played “Minecraft Kitchen” which is their take on Cuthroat Kitchen, in which they use found yard things to “craft” Minecraft food.    So I say, let them play.  At my house, that means shaking them loose from the computers every so often, but encouraging their interests so that they can explore the world around them by playing what they love.  That is what this ol’ Mama Frog thinks anyway.

***Note: The Minecraft fingerpuppets above can be ordered through my Greybriar Hollow shop, and the pattern can be purchased via Ravelry.

My Girl Harley

This Mama Frog is a comic fan, as I am sure you know if you have been reading posts for more than a minute.  My two absolute favorites are Deadpool and Harley Quinn.  I had a commission to make a Deadpool doll recently (along with a Deathstroke doll- two sides of the comic book coin if you ask me), so I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my girl Harley.  You would think there would be patterns galore, because Harley is badass.  But there is not.  So I decided to create my own take on Harley, using a couple of different patterns and my own designs.  The result is better than I had hoped!Harley Harley2 Harley3 Harley4 Harley5

A Gryphon Lands on the Pond

Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to show off another yarn project that I am particularly pleased with.  This gryphon was from a pattern I purchased several years ago, but never got around to making (seriously I have a pattern problem!).  A friend asked if I could make a gryphon for her son.  I think she was mildly surprised when I said yes with no hesitation.  You know how this Mama Frog rolls- I will try to make anything, but I have been so busy lately that having an already established pattern was a serious bonus!!  I doubled up on the yarn, and along with the double crochet stitches this created a feathered appearance that he would not have had otherwise.  I have also gotten into hand painting my own eyes, and these turned out quite lovely.  So, for your Monday morning, I give to you the newest visitor to The Pond.

DSC04222 DSC04217DSC04214

Nerds Love Yarn – Blob Fish, Monster Feet and D20s

As you all know, this Mama Frog is a frog of many talents.  Not only do I homeschool the Froglets, write, cook, blog, etc but I also crochet.  You can find me on Etsy and on Facebook through my shop Greybriar Hollow.  I have been writing some patterns (have been designing my own toys for years, but the pattern writing part is new).  In the next few days I will be releasing my second pattern – for the endangered Blob Fish.photo 2 (1)

 But in the meantime, I have been working on lots of nerdy fun.  A Deapool hat for a friend (pattern coming soon!), 10614217_10153159067359782_6202071320020271028_n

a Strawberry hat, a Kirby doll, a Link doll (pattern from Nerdigurumi), a D20 – the prize for the oil class I host on FacebookDice

and a custom order through my Etsy shop for lots of Monster Feet slippers!  I am excited to have several custom slots open for the next three months.  They fill up fast, so if you are considering an order for Christmas I would encourage you to order quickly!  I am just one Mama Frog, and there are only 24 hours in the day.  Monster Feet