My Girl Harley

This Mama Frog is a comic fan, as I am sure you know if you have been reading posts for more than a minute.  My two absolute favorites are Deadpool and Harley Quinn.  I had a commission to make a Deadpool doll recently (along with a Deathstroke doll- two sides of the comic book coin if you ask me), so I decided I wanted to try my hand at making my girl Harley.  You would think there would be patterns galore, because Harley is badass.  But there is not.  So I decided to create my own take on Harley, using a couple of different patterns and my own designs.  The result is better than I had hoped!Harley Harley2 Harley3 Harley4 Harley5


A Gryphon Lands on the Pond

Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to show off another yarn project that I am particularly pleased with.  This gryphon was from a pattern I purchased several years ago, but never got around to making (seriously I have a pattern problem!).  A friend asked if I could make a gryphon for her son.  I think she was mildly surprised when I said yes with no hesitation.  You know how this Mama Frog rolls- I will try to make anything, but I have been so busy lately that having an already established pattern was a serious bonus!!  I doubled up on the yarn, and along with the double crochet stitches this created a feathered appearance that he would not have had otherwise.  I have also gotten into hand painting my own eyes, and these turned out quite lovely.  So, for your Monday morning, I give to you the newest visitor to The Pond.

DSC04222 DSC04217DSC04214

Princess Mononoke Hat- Sometimes I Amaze Myself

I will be honest, sometimes I really am amazed at my ability to create things without a pattern, just from looking at an image.    Papa Frog and the Froglets tell me it is silly.  They belief in my ability seems to be unwavering.  It is only recently that I have started creating things that don’t actually already have a written pattern.  A friend of a friend contacted me recently about making her a Princess Mononoke hat.  Fans of the anime recognize her iconic wolf pelt and red mask.  But this is where it got tricky.  This friend wanted the hat to be furred to look like a wolf pelt.  I have to be honest, adding that much fur to something is daunting.  If you don’t know what furring in crochet entails, let me tell you- yarn is attached strand by strand over an entire area, and then it is brushed and brushed and brushed with a wire dog brush to achieve a furry look.  I have never furred anything of this size before, and it used almost an entire pound of yarn.  That is one pound of yarn cut into 4 inch pieces and attached to a hat base 1-2 pieces at a time.  Apparently this friend had asked a couple of other crafters to recreate this hat for her, but no one was willing to tackle the fur!  I am so glad I did.  The hat is amazing AND it has opened the door for me to create some other cosplay pieces for her her.  I am beyond excited. WIN_20140911_223748 WIN_20140911_223739 WIN_20140911_223709

Nerds Love Yarn – Blob Fish, Monster Feet and D20s

As you all know, this Mama Frog is a frog of many talents.  Not only do I homeschool the Froglets, write, cook, blog, etc but I also crochet.  You can find me on Etsy and on Facebook through my shop Greybriar Hollow.  I have been writing some patterns (have been designing my own toys for years, but the pattern writing part is new).  In the next few days I will be releasing my second pattern – for the endangered Blob 2 (1)

 But in the meantime, I have been working on lots of nerdy fun.  A Deapool hat for a friend (pattern coming soon!), 10614217_10153159067359782_6202071320020271028_n

a Strawberry hat, a Kirby doll, a Link doll (pattern from Nerdigurumi), a D20 – the prize for the oil class I host on FacebookDice

and a custom order through my Etsy shop for lots of Monster Feet slippers!  I am excited to have several custom slots open for the next three months.  They fill up fast, so if you are considering an order for Christmas I would encourage you to order quickly!  I am just one Mama Frog, and there are only 24 hours in the day.  Monster Feet

Bubble Puppy Pattern Available Now!

Over at Greybriar Hollow I got a custom order for a scented Bubble Puppy.  The Bubble Puppy that I made was scented with Young Living Lavender Oil as a calming cuddle buddy for a boy with autism.  I couldn’t find a Bubble Puppy pattern that I was happy with- and that left one option- to design my own.  And now, that pattern is available for you to make your very own Bubble Puppy!

Bubble Puppy 2Bubble Puppy Pattern

For my blog readers- enter code 5SPECKLEDFROGS for 20% off until August 15th.

Time on the Pond

Well, its been a minute since I posted hasn’t it?  Time here on the Pond seems to travel like that.  I will have lots of time to post and then things happen and my time disappears magically for months on end.   It is hard to believe that our Tiny Tadpole is already almost 9 months old!  Where has all that time gone?  It has been a long long winter here at the Pond and a cold rainy spring thus far.  For the first time the Frog Family is the proud raiser of chickens.  We have 8 lovely ladies growing into sultry egg-layers as we speak!  Mama Frog spends a fair bit of her free time these days at Greybriar Hollow  Mama Frog has also found a couple of other fun things this spring.  The first is the world of essential oils (Look out for some of Mama Frog’s favorite recipes!) and fermented food (again more recipes!).  Consider this the Frog Family opening up the Pond door, shaking out the welcome mat and inviting you back in!  We missed you, and I hope you missed us too.  Holt onto your tails.  It is going to be a crazy summer!


Weekend At The Pond


It has been a pretty laid  back weekend here at the Pond so far.  Papa Frog is off for the weekend, so we have been playing with the Frogs.  Mama Frog has been gathering resources for fall, since it will be too hectic to try to gather them when the Tadpole makes his entrance.  It will be nice when the part for my printer/scanner comes in so I can start actually printing off material and organizing it for the Frogs.  We also have two very special Frog Birthdays coming up next year, and in true Frog tradition Papa Frog and I always try to make the girls pressies- at least one or two to go along with their store-bought goodies.  Lizard Breath is going to be 10!  I cannot believe where the time goes and Scoot will be 4.  So Scoot is getting a My Little Pony or two (depending on how long they take to make) and I have no idea what I am making for Lizard Breath.  Anyway the point of this rambling post is this- about the time I wonder how much the Frogs actually enjoy their homemade goodies, something comes along like the set of Ninja Turtles I made.


DSC02369Poor Filthy Minja Turtles


At the Pond we call them Minja Turtles though, so if you ever hear a reference its those Lean Mean Green Ninja Teens the Frogs are talking about.  🙂  The Boy has commandeered everyone’s Minja Turtles and plays with them more than almost anything else (cars not included).  I spent a good hour this afternoon playing Turtles with my littlest Frog.  It is a nice reminder that the Frogs truly don’t attach a price tag to things, and a reminder that we shouldn’t either.  The Frog picture at the top is more of a place holder until I can get the picture of the Boys filthy Minja Turtles uploaded.  🙂