Elves Strike and Santa Does Christmas

December is half over!  How is that possible?  We celebrated what would have been ERs 10th birthday on the 9th.  Forgive my absence as this time of year is sucky and hard and I hate to spend the entire month telling those same story over and over.  However, I have been keeping busy between orders and the remake of the 12 Days of Christmas recipe booklet I made for Kid’s gifts.  It is free to download.


1. Elves strike


Download your copy for free here:   CHRISTMAS


Merry Christmas!


German Pancakes- Thanks to the Girls for the Eggs!

Remember this spring when we got our chickens?  It seems like a lifetime ago!  Those ladies are all grown up (and have been for a couple of months!).  They are champion egg-layers (one lays double-yolkers 9 times out of 10) and we are getting 7-8 eggs a day.  Since we don’t eat eggs every day, what happens is that those eggs pile up.  We are lucky enough to be able to share them with friends, but sometimes we just need a good hearty egg filled breakfast that is not straight up eggs.  On the Pond, one of our favorites, is German Pancakes.

The recipe is simple:

6 eggs

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

1 T. salt

1 T. vanilla

2 T. sugar

Then because there are so many of us, I double this recipe.  Preheat your over to 400 degrees, and while you are mixing everything together, set 4 T. butter to melt over low heat (or youcan do what I do and put 2 T in a 9×13 pan and 2 T. in another and let them sit in the oven and melt while you mix the batter.  You will want your batter to be smooth, so I reccoment a food processor or an immersion blender.  Divide the batter among the two pans and let cook for 8-12 minutes or until bubbled and lightly browned.  This is where the fun part comes in.  German Pancakes can be topped with fruit (apples and berries are among our favorites), maple syrup, berry syrup or even just buitter and powdered sugar (like a Dutch Baby).


Recently I came into possession of a bottle of NingXia Berry Syrup from Young Living.  We had been waiting for something to try it on, and decided the German Pancakes were the perfect thing!


I also made caramel apple topping, but EVERYONE wanted to try the berry syrup.


It was definitely a hit.  Even The Boy loved it.


Poor Tiny Tadpole Has the Icky Sickies

Tiny Tadpole is a healthy guy.  Literally, a healthy guy.  He gives his poor Mama Frog fits, as he is walking already at just one, climbes the staircase, climbs the stepstool, etc etc.  This is all normal boy Frog behavior.  But Tiny Tadpole has never been sick, until this past weekend.  The Froglets caught a respiratory bug.  Some Thieves oil and some RC oil and they were fine as paint two days later.  But apparently, Tiny Tadpole, who has never been sick, caught their germs, as Tadpole are wont to do.  And that Tiny Tadpole, he takes feeling bad rather personally.  We had a rough night two night ago with him.  Poor little mite ran a fever and since it’s been several years since I have needed any type of baby fever reducer we of course had none.  And since we live on the Pond, and everyone closes their lily pads up by 9:00, Tiny Tadpole was miserable all night long.  Well, I say all night, because it felt like that night lasted a week.  When he would wake up, he would scream and yell.  He would toss and turn and want to be cuddled without being touched.  Tiny Tadpole is a contradiction quite often.  The only thing I found that helped him, and allowed either of us to snatch some sleep was the run the diffuser.  A wise mama friend told me to try Lavender and Roman Chamomile (or German Chamomile) in the diffuser to help relax his coughing and help him get some rest.  Let me say, I would run the diffuser and he would doze off, when the diffuser would stop (it has an automatic turn off), he would wake up screaming.  Poor Tiny Tadpole.  He is on the mend now- not only was Papa Frog at the shop when they opened to get him some fever reducder, but this Mama Frog also has a few more tricks up her sleeve now.  But Tiny wanted me to share his diffuser blend for all the Tiny Tadpoles in your life who could use some help on those icky sicky nights.



Luckily, we nurse, since I don’t think flies would provide the same comfort as snuggles and Mama Frog milk.

Oil Kits- That’s How We DIY On The Pond

I have been talking about creating an oil kit for the diaper bag with some sample sized bottles of Essential Oils.  It never fails- we are out and about and someone scrapes a knee or gets a paper cut or has a meltdown and they come to Mama looking for an oil to help.  I try to remember to bring everything back and forth between home and away.  But, let’s be honest- somedays we are lucky to get out with our shoes on (forget being on the right feet and hair brushed- sometimes that is too much to ask).  Shoes can be fixed and I always keep a brush in the glovebox, but I don’t have extra oils, so if they get forgotten we are out of luck.  Ray Bear sometimes really needs her Peace and Calming, and while she has her own little bottle, well let’s just say she is her Mama Frog’s little Froglet.   But this is where Papa Frog stepped in to save the day (again).  He came home the other day and set to work making me an oil kit.  It is something I have been meaning to do, but it kept getting pushed to “later”.  He added 12 of my must-have oils, including oils for tummy troubles, emotional upsets, ouchies, bumps, scrapes, and my favorite calming oil for myself.  That was amazing enough, but THEN, he took it a step further and added graphics to my box by way of our craft magazines and modge podge.  Needless to say I love love love it!  He also marked each bottle with paint and created a little key for me, because he was afriad I wouldn’t be able to tell the oils apart.

WIN_20140912_204013 WIN_20140912_204001 WIN_20140912_203947

Summer Kids- Recipes for Health and Fun

New for summer!  A recipe PDF with 35 recipes including Summer Foot Wipes, Scented Watercolors, Waterproof Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Itch Soother and More!  Only $5.95.  Save money this summer and keep your family healthy!


Summer Kids

PicMonkey Collage


Wipes, Wipes and More Wipes…A DIY


Homemade wipes…that was my focus yesterday.  As a Mama Frog of 6 Froglets, one of which is still in cloth diapers, this is an important thing to have.  However, this old Mama doesn’t like to use store bought wipes.   I prefer to make my own.   There are many different types of wipes out there, and I don’t mean Huggies Wipes versus the store brand.  I mean there are cleaning wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, window washing wipes, even TP wipes.  One thing about the Pond is that there are always chores to be done here.  The Froglets have chores that they do regularly, and they love to help their Mama Frog with her chores.   There is also nothing as satisfying to kids as being able to look back at a job well done.  (Isn’t that true of all of us!)  Wipes are a great way to let little ones help.  They can wash walls, table tops, stairrails etc…Also, it is summertime here on the Pond and summers mean dirty little feet.  Summers mean garden feet and beach feet, playground feet and lake feet.  It means camping feet and all around dirty little Frog feet.  Because the winters here are cold and long, as soon as its warm enough and dry enough EVERYONE around these parts breaks out the flipflops and sandals.  But if you are a Froglet, you know that bare feet in the summer are the best!

So, yesterday, I took my basic recipe for on the go baby wipes and also made cleaning wipes and dirty feet wipes.  All three of these wipes are safe for little ones to use, and gentle enough to be used by tiny hands and even on Tiny Tadpole.  I used Thieves Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil for the cleaning wipes, Lavender Essential Oil and coconut oil for the baby wipes and Ginger Essential Oil and Orange Essential Oil for the dirty feet wipes. WIN_20140606_162221 For each batch of wipes you need 1/2 roll of paper towels- I cut mine with a bread knife.  You can see it make the roll of paper towels the height of a roll of TP.   My sweet Froglets were so impressed that now their Mama was making rolls of toilet paper.  They were mildly disappointed when I showed them what I was really making.  You will also need 2 c. warm water, and essential oils.  The dirty feet wipes and the diaper wipes also contain a small amount of coconut oil.  You will also need an airtight container to keep your wipes in.  I like to use the “dry pitchers” from the dollar store.  I can get them in a variety of sizes which works well for me, and I love the flip top lid to pull the wipes through. WIN_20140606_162744 Normally when I make cleaning wipes, I use Thieves Essential Oil.  This time, I used a capful of the Young Living Thieves cleaner concentrate along with my lemon oil, but you can use straight lemon oil, lemon and lavender or do what I usually do and use lemon and Thieves oil.  All three blends will make a good cleaner.   I use my cleaning wipes for everything from walls and counters to bathroom fixtures and car interior.   To start, I add my water and oil to my container.  I typically use between 6-10 drops of essential oil per batch.  If I am making skin wipes, the coconut oil gets added at this point.  Once your liquid ingredients are all combined, drop your roll of paper towels into the water, turning it to soak up the liquid.  The first time this Mama made these wipes, I was skeptical that ALL the water would get sucked up, but it did. WIN_20140606_162321 I use the biggest container for making my wipes, then transfer them to the container that they will stay in.  You can certainly make your wipes in the same container that you plan to store them in. WIN_20140606_162824 When the liquid is all soaked up, pull the center tube out of the roll. WIN_20140606_162817 Just like storebought wipes, you will pull the wipes up from the center, so when you remove the tube, you can pull the very center wipe up. WIN_20140606_162839 Finished!


Baby Wipe Recipe:

2 c. warm water

6 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 T. coconut oil

1/2 roll of paper towels


Cleaning Wipe Recipe:

2 c. warm water

5 drops Thieves Essential Oil

3 drops Lemon Essential Oil


2 c. warm water

1 capful of Thieves Cleaner Concentrate (available here)

3 drops Lemon Essential Oil

1/2 roll of paper towels


Dirty Foot Wipes

2 c. warm water

3 drops Orange Essential Oil

3 drops Ginger Essential Oil

2 T. coconut oil

1/2 roll of paper towels

Dirty Feet