Family Movie and Dinner Night and “I Love…Day” – This is How We Eat In May

menu notepad with tomatoes

As promised today I am posting my menu plan for this month.  Now you wil notice a couple of odd things on my menu, so let me go ahead and clear those up now.  Here on the Pond we do things a little differently.  I like to surprise the Froglets with “I Love You” days.  These days are days where we focus on one member of the family and consciously do and say nice things to and for them.  I also like to make foods I know they particularly like.  These days happen roughly once a week, but sometimes they are more frequent.  On my menu plan you will see that I have them “sceduled” for Wednesdays.  That is strictly for ease of making the plan, as the days do change.

Another thing you will notice are that I have scheduled Family Movie and Dinner nights.  These nights we have a themed dinner that fits with the movie we plan to watch.  This is a new thing on the Pond, (we already do movie nights, but these will be even more fun!).  The food I have planned may not be your family’s favorites, but I encourage you to consider adopting this with your own Froglets.  (Stay Tuned for more information about these, including recipes, crafts and desserts as they happen.)

I have also included two nights of eating out, although one is Ice Cream For Dinner.  We typically go out and get ice cream when Papa Frog gets home from work, and then come home and make dinner for dessert together.  It’s a fun treat for everyone.  I was concerned when I first did it that perhaps the Froglets would not want to eat their dinner, but its a ritual here now and we have never had a problem with that.

As I mentioned yesterday, my menu planning runs from the 10th to the 10th.  I don’t remember why it started that way, but it did several years ago and that tradition continues on today.

Meal Planning May 2015

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