Life Skills on the Pond – Archery

One thing Papa Frog and I have decided is important for our little Froglets to learn are survival skills and bushcraft skills.  Quite simply, we live close enough to the national forest land that spending time in the woods is quite an important part of life.  Rural Maine is condusiive to hunting, fishing, foraging and before it is all said and done, we want our Froglets to be able to survive off the land here, build a shelter if need be.  Partly these skills are an important part of Papa Frogs’s heritage that he wants passed onto his tadpoles, and partly we just feel it is important.   One of those skills is archery.  In two months, Papa Frog will be taking Lizard Breath in for her hunter’s safety certification and he has been doing archery practice with the Froglets as weather permits (note the complete absence of greenery).  He made them some small practice bows to get used to shooting, and is working with them on proper form and aiming.  We are also working with them on safety- ie don’t nock your arrow until there is no one in front of you.

What life skills do you think are important to pass on to your own Froglets?

DSC05390 DSC05391 DSC05392 DSC05393 DSC05394 DSC05395 DSC05396 DSC05397

2 thoughts on “Life Skills on the Pond – Archery

  1. Archery safety is kin to gun safety.
    know where your target it, know what is beyond your target….my peeps might think I am nutty for drilling this. And for randomly asking “what is down range from you right now?”

  2. I think it is wonderful what you and Papa Frog are teaching the Froglets. Hey are a few things that I think are important. Make sure they know safe drinking water in the woods. If there is none or what is there may not be safe show them ways to accumulate water. Learn all edible plants and edible bugs. Papa Frog needs to brush up on all medicinal plants (such as those that stop bleeding and those that can be used as bandages). All this goes back to his tradition.

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