Pizza Party Friday OR How We Made A New Type of Pizza

Fridays on the Pond are typically Pizza Party Nights.  Since I have been hosting the Meal Planning for Large Families  page over on Facebook, I have been featuring recipe round-ups.  This Friday I posted pizza recipes by the boatload.  That of course led to the Froglets wanting pizza (which is fine, since pizza was the plan anyway.)  Ray Bear found a recipe for Caprese Pizza, with a balsamic glaze, and begged me to make it.  We decided on the caprese pizza, marghereta pizza, Greek pizza and peach cobbler pizza for dessert.  Papa Frog voiced his opinion that 4 dinner pizzas was probably the right amount, and we agreed on 2 dessert pizzas.  And people wonder why I don’t like to do take-away pizza.  Even if it was as good as homemade, 6 large pizzas purchased from a pizza joint is not easy on the pocketbook.    I started with my favorite pizza dough recipe.  It’s amazing what one can do with flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil and whipped up the stovetop version of my crock-pot pizza sauce.

DSC05347DSC05348DSC05346   DSC05349

The caprese pizza called for tomatoes instead of a sauce so we started with it.  I rolled out the crust, brushed on olive oil and baked it off.  Then came the toppings.  The entire time this Mama Frog was rolling out pizza, there were Froglets lined up watching.  Let’s face it.  That is probably as close as I am getting to know what it feels like to be a celebrity.  DSC05352

Topped with sliced heirloom tomatoes and ribboned basil leaves…


Then sliced fresh mozarella and a balsamic glaze.


Into the oven for 8 minutes and out for tasting.


Tiny Tadpole was willing to try it, but he wasn’t entirely sure what he was getting in to. DSC05356

He doesn’t really look convinced that this will be tasty, does he?


And he was right.  He did not care for the tomatoes or the balsamic glaze.  But everyone else loved it.  In fact, they agreed whole-froggedly that the caprese pizza should have been the pizza we made 2 of. DSC05358

Since it was her idea, Ray Bear got the first bite.  She was supremely impressed.


Marghereta pizza.


Greek feta pizza with olives, feta and red onions- Papa Frog’s favorite.


And for dessert- peach cobbler pizza.  There are not words for how good this was.  I am just glad I made two.  DSC05363

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