Let’s Talk Over A Cuppa

Today- Monday- The first Monday of the new year….Enough said right?  Today I had glorious plans.  As a homeschooler I had glorious plans.  As a small business WAHM I had glorious plans.  As a wife and mother I had glorious plans.  As a human being…I had plans.   Do you see where this is going?  Because EVERY. SINGLE. PLAN. I had went bad.  I have spent too much time today staring at social media, accomplishing very little, while the kids watch  Croods on Netflix (hey it fits in with our prehistoric theme right?).  I should be finishing some orange and black slippers and starting on another order.  I should have scrubbed the toilet and made a meal plan and dressed up in something other than sweat pants and maybe thrown on a little eyeliner or something, right?  I tried.  That is the thing of it all.  I got up early, drank my coffe, started some business.  Then the computer/power went off and on three times in less than an hour.  Yep.  3 times.  No problem, I said to myself.  Its a windy day.  Things will still rock on.  Then I went in the kitchen to make breakfast and found the loaf of Outback bread that someone had stuffed next to the washing machine.  And my guage went a little into the red.  Then I realized that the laundry had never actually finished getting changed.  A little more red.  Another cup of coffee.  Checked the status of some yarn for a custom.  Fed-Ex has postponed delivery from Wednesday to Thursday.  A little more red.  Went to print off a craft- printer was out of ink.  No problem.  I had some on order from Amazon due to deliver today.  I knew the ink issue was coming.  So while I waited on UPS I drank another cup of coffee and fed the little people, and lost all my desire to stay motivated.  No problem, I can work through this lack of motivation.  Print off some schoolwork, organize the Froglets.  Get Tiny Tadpole out of the middle of the table.  For the 17th time.  Find his diaper that has somehow gone missing.  Clean the baby pee off the floor.  A little more red.  Mommy I need a drink.  Mommy she is pinching me.  Mommy this is booooring.  A little more red and a little more red.  Lunch time.  Kids have been asking for spaghetti.  We are out of pasta and no way am I going out in 9 degree weather to go to the store.  Make pasta.  Add some store bought sauce from the fridge.  Please let me have 5 minutes of peace I tell them.  Next thing I know I am being attacked by the red pasta monster, AKA Tiny Tadpole, whom Lizard Breath had kindly liberated WITHOUT wiping his hands.  A lot more in the red (literally too) and an afternoon shower.  At this point, I give up.  Croods sounds like education for the littles, the big kids and I are going to play a hidden object game- we like those.  Dinner is looming on the horizon.  But I had Lizard Breath throw on a pot of coffee, and I am going to make a conscious effort to move my day back out of that red danger zone and into the green.  Maybe tomorrow will be pictures of crafts and productivity and fun.  Today we survived.  Today I survived.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Over A Cuppa

  1. Surviving is 9/10 of the battle. 😀 Hugs from you to me. I packed up my library/office today while listening to the same fighting and puppy peeing on the floor, etc etc etc. Our snowstorm is blasting past the window right now and the temps sink further still. In my mind, January is survive time.
    You have a whole new day ahead of you tomorrow.
    Love ya Mandj.

  2. 9 degrees? and you think something other than sweatpants is appropriate? Is it the Queen of the Pope that you are expecting for dinner?
    I love packages so I commiserate with you on the delivery thing.
    I’ve heard Tuesdays are better.

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