The Start of A New Year

For most people, the new year starts on January First- resolutions are made, new beginnings etc etc…Because of my unique relationship with Christmas, the new year for this Frog Family starts on December 26th.   I am pleased to report we made it through another year without catastrophe.  And boy do we have a lot to look forward to in the new year!  The Frog family is planning their first vacation in 5 years.  Papa Frog and I celebrate 10 years of marriage (I am hoping for some new ink to commemmorate), We have a range of activities planned over the coming months as well- hiking, camping, survival training and more. I also have exciting plans for Greybriar Hollow this year with monthly themed listings and a build-up of inventory.  I apologize for my silence in December but I promise you a a fun filled new year.  Hold on to your top hat and monocle.  – Mama FrogDSC04903

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