I Have…Who Has…

Sometimes, in close quarters of spending most of our time together it is nice to find something the Froglets can do together.  Now, doing things together might seem easy.  But the Froglets run the age gamit from 11 to 1.  There are not a lot of activities that everyone can do together without someone getting their feelings upset or the activity getting destroyed by one Big Tiny Tadpole.  Don’t get me wrong.  The Froglets do tons together.  Just usually in smaller groups of 3-4.  THEN…oh then…I found a game for them.  I have been working with 3 of them on their critical thinking skills.  Probably I am the last Mama Frog to come across this game but “I have…Who has…” is awesome.  The edition I printed out was the Halloween edition, but I would think you could make your own even if you couldn’t find a printable.  On each card is the answer to a clue and another clue (ex.  I have cauldron.  Who has the month that Halloween falls in?)  The person who starts will read their card and then the person who has the answer to the clue will go.  (I have October.  Who has an animal that is black and flies at night.)  You take turns until everyone runs out of cards.  Even the littles were able to play (with some reading help) and it was not long before everyone was in giggles as sometimes one of them would have the answer to their own puzzles.  We played 5 times the first day we played.  “Can we play again PLEEEEAAAASE?”  And it has become a regular favorite.  I find it also works well to shake everyone out of bad mood funk.  I will be putting together my own November edition of this game for sure!

DSC04414 DSC04409 DSC04408 DSC04416 DSC04415

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