Skeleton Cookies- Or How We Keep It Real On The Pond

Okay, so I have a confession.  I really want to be THAT Mama Frog.  You know the one who makes awesome decorated things and is uber crafty.  Don’t get me wrong, I can cook and I can crochet, but when it comes to things like cake and cookie decorating…..well…..let’s just say that you will never see fabulously decorated creations coming out of my kitchen.  On one hand that bums me out.  But on the other hand, it opens up a door for the Froglets.  Because, when it comes to decorating cookies, I am willing to let them have the fun without trying to take the reins and make them look schmancy.  We made sugar cookies with a gingerbread cutter and frosted them white, then used candy bones and toothpicks and food coloring to attempt to turn them into skeletons.  They might not be as fabulously cute as the ones I took inspiration from, but they were tasty and Scoot had a blast decorating them.   (It also might or might not have taken all my will-power to keep the bones on the cookies G-Rated.)  But I did…..

DSC04367 DSC04368 DSC04369 DSC04370 DSC04371 DSC04372 DSC04373

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