Name Skeletons

October…Have I mentioned how much I love October.  If this were Facebook, there would be a little winky face right there.  I pinned this craft a couple of months ago and have been so excited to try it out!   Making skeletons out of your cursive name just seems too fun- maybe that is the nerd in me coming out.  So while the littler Froglets were doing a different activity, and since everyone got their school work done early, we decided to give them a try.  Ray Bear, Lizard Breath and Jelly Bean all wrote their name on white construction paper and then cut them out.  They folded the construction paper in half and wrote the bottoms of the letters along the fold, paper doll style.  A little help from Mama Frog was necessary to get all the nooks and crannies cut out properly.

WIN_20141001_132701WIN_20141001_134150WIN_20141001_132755 WIN_20141001_132737

Then they laid their ghostly spines on a sheet of black construction paper with the capitol letter at the top like a clavical.  WIN_20141001_141941

Next they made skulls, arm, leg, hand and foot bones.

 WIN_20141001_141955WIN_20141001_142214    WIN_20141001_143025 WIN_20141001_143001WIN_20141001_141256  WIN_20141001_141532   WIN_20141001_143423

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