Spooks on the Pond

Ah the beginning of October.  By far October is my very favorite month.  The Froglets and I always do a lot of fun crafts and projects that are fall/Halloween related.  But today was a special day for another reason.  Spooks joined the Frog Family.  A week ago Ray Bear’s old tom cat Tiger passed away.  I am almost positive he had cancer as he went downhill very quickly, in spite efforts to help him.  She is my SPD Froglet and the loss of her best friend was very hard on her.  Papa Frog and I talked it over and decided that we would get a kitten.  A friend sent me a message when she saw the news of Tiger’s death and said she knew someone who had a kitten that needed a home.  We had planned to wait a month or two, but decided to go ahead with the adoption.  So for a week we have been keeping the secret of the fuzzy gray kitten who would be arriving on October 1st.  I got a message from my friend this morning and since she gets eggs anyway, I told the Froglets it was time to go take her eggs out to her.  Boy were they shocked when I walked out with a spitfire ball of gray fluff.  Almost immediately and completely unanimously (like a miracle I tell you) the agreed that Spooks was the perfect name for her.  I have to agree.

So Spooks has spent the afternoon acclimating to her new home and to living in a house with 8 people, a dog and another cat.  Her biggest challenge has been Tiny Tadpole, who follows her around meowing and trying to pick her up.  Its a good thing she lives up to her name and can disappear!  She climbed onto my computer table today and was sitting on my essential oil box almost laughing at Tiny who was on the floor hollering because she was out of reach. WIN_20141001_150747 WIN_20141001_150802 WIN_20141001_150807

Tiny Tadpole crawled into my lap brokenhearted and decided if he couldn’t have a kitten, he could at least take a nap.   I laid him on the couch with a blanket and not 5 minutes later, I looked over and found this:

WIN_20141001_152615 WIN_20141001_152625.

I think Spooks is going to fit in just fine.

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