Farmer Fox’s Fall Harvest or Speech on the Pond

I have two lispers.  One lisper taught her brother to lisp, and it is a speech issue we have been trying to get corrected before Tiny Tadpole learns to talk.  Most of our speech issues focus around “s” and “f” sounds and their various blends.  So, when I can incorporate those sounds into an already fun and educational activity, you better bet your bottom dollar I do it.  Last year my speech Froglets were lucky enough to have an amazing speech teacher.  She and her assistant helped Scoot so much and gave me many of the tools I use everyday with The Boy.   This year, we have a new speeach teacher for The Boy, with a completely different approach.  While I am not sure he is gaining as much as he did from his last speech teacher, I constantly take the tools we learned last year to incorporate speech into our homeschool lessons.  Scoot graduated from speech last year, but I find the reinforcement to be great for her.


Today we looked at the letter F and counting 1-6.  For that we had Farmer Fox and his fall harvest.  Farmer Fox is a printable that I had hanging around in the school room.  He is a farmer with a pocket on his overalls in which you can stick his harvest cards.  1 pumpkin, 2 apples etc.  I love these activities that are multi-level.  Scoot and I looked at the letters in F-O-X and their sounds and identified fruits and veggies and their corresponding numbers.  The Boy and I colored together and talked about all the fantastic f’s and their fascinating sounds.  Okay, so it wasn’t quite like that, but it was a good time to go over the sounds of “F”.


As with everything else involving kids, the most successful lessons re the ones they don’t even realize they are learning.



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