Loot Crate- Nerds Unite On The Pond

Ok, so you all know it is true.  We are HUGE nerds here on the Pond. I mean HUGE.  I know, it is a shocker.  The Froglets are also tiny little nerd Froglets.  If you have been following Pond Life for any amount of time, you will know that the Froglets all get monthly crate subscriptions as a gift from their grandparents.  In fact, this week I have more crates to share with you.  But several months ago, Papa Frog and I were turned onto a grown-up crate- FOR NERDS!  Can you believe it?  We have been lucky enough to get t-shirts, the coolest Deadpool socks ever, and a lot of really awesome collectables.  Papa Frog is a stickler for his collectables, but I am more of a “take em out and play with em” kind of Frog.  If there is anything we don’t want, we have Froglets who are more than happy to help (Like the Ninja Turtle shades that The Boy confiscated).  This month’s theme was Galactic, and while I am not a HUGE fan of Firefly (gasp I know!) or Star Trek (How can I even call myself a nerd?)  But I wanted to show you my Loot Crate anyway.  WIN_20140923_102350

When you open up the crate, this is what you see…

Every crate has a collector’s pin.


A poster.


A Star Wars magnet (my fridge loves the magnets each month!)


A Firefly dude.


A special edition Tribble (color and packaging unique to this crate).


Green Apple Pop-Rocks.  (Tiny Tadpole is not sure about these.)


Alien collectable.  It’s a re-release of an original.


Firefly Money (shhh but Scoot loves counting these!)


 The Firefly dude came out of this box.


Next month’s theme is supposed to be Fear and you know this Mama Frog is looking forward to THAT.  So much so in fact, that I might open it alone in my room so I don’t have to share.   Want to try your own Loot Crate at a discount?  Clicky on the linky and get your own October crate for $5.00 off.


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