A Gryphon Lands on the Pond

Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to show off another yarn project that I am particularly pleased with.  This gryphon was from a pattern I purchased several years ago, but never got around to making (seriously I have a pattern problem!).  A friend asked if I could make a gryphon for her son.  I think she was mildly surprised when I said yes with no hesitation.  You know how this Mama Frog rolls- I will try to make anything, but I have been so busy lately that having an already established pattern was a serious bonus!!  I doubled up on the yarn, and along with the double crochet stitches this created a feathered appearance that he would not have had otherwise.  I have also gotten into hand painting my own eyes, and these turned out quite lovely.  So, for your Monday morning, I give to you the newest visitor to The Pond.

DSC04222 DSC04217DSC04214

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