Pirate Post #2- This is How Froglets Hunt for Pirate Treasure

Talk Like A Pirate Day was great fun here on the Pond.  We culminated the day with a pirate treasure hunt.  Papa Frog was in charge of the map, scurvy pirate that he is.  He created a seried of clues on two seperate map pieces and hid the second along with the treasure.  Then, he gathered his pirate crew together, including the first mate and his best cabin boy and they went on a hunt to try to find the lost treasure- because sometimes pirates forget where they bury treasure you know.  I must make a side note here and say that Papa Frog is an amazing guy.  He is such a good sport about things like treasure hunts, and took a simple activity to a whole new level.  He put on his best pirate voice and cajoled his crew along for a good 15 minutes of hunting for treasure.   The first part of his map read:





At the back ye must start, at the exit to the world.  4 steps ye must take and to the left ye turn, into the room where diners yearn.  10 more steps and to the left again, 3 steps right and then under and in.  On the other side, turn ye left 3 times.  7 steps take ye to a room of learnin’, back around again ye will be turnin’.  4 steps, then right again.  Soon ye will be heading into the den.  ANother 7 steps and ye will be right in.  Turn to the left, 4 steps ye will take and then, right and 3 more..what you find there will surely be more.


Of course there is where the Froglets found the other half of the map.  With a “That’s where I left it!” Papa Frog was off with his scurvy crew of Sea Frogs to find that treasure.




So, ye thought ye was done but turn around for much more fun.  Right you will turn and spy a path to the sky.  High ye must climb and ye will see why.  Four doors you see and 4 steps ye will take into the place where ye have a private break.  This is not the room ye seek, so turn around and plant yer feet 3 times on the ground.  Turn to the left- the big room is off limits, the other two have nothing in it.  Now down again ye scalawags must climb, don’t forget to say farewell to the sky.  To the left ye must turn, one step ye take.  Left again, the hour is late.  Four steps ye take now to the right again, 7 steps more and ye near the end.  Crab step right till ye can’t go no more and dig down deep and find yer score!





The treasure hunt took the Froglets under the dining room table, through the school room, up the stairs around, back down and around the living room twice.  Most of the fun was in the hunt itself, which Papa Frog made ridiculously amazing.  But of course, no pirate is complete without his or her treasure.


Not even the smallest Pirate Froglet.


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