Pirate Day #1- Because We Go AHHRRRR! For Pirate Candy on the Pond

Ok, so technically this candy has so many names, but for Talk Like A Pirate Day, we called it Pirate Candy.  Papa Frog often makes hard tack, but this was a fun and yummy mock hard tack treat for the Froglets.

To make your own Pirate Candy you will need:

1 1/2 sleeves of soda crackers

1 c. butter (use the real stuff)

1 c. light brown sugar

1 bag of dark chocolate chips.

Line a large sheet tray with aluminum foil.  Lay the soda crackers in a single layer, taking care to fill in the cracks the best you can.


In a saucepan, add sugar and butter and cook over med-hi heat, stirring constantly until the sugar and butter melt and begin to carmelize.



Pour caramel mixture over the crackers and slide your sheet pan into a preheated (400 degree) oven for 5 minutes.  Remove, sprinkle the chocolate chips on top of the hot caramel-y crackers.  At this point you can either spread them with a silicone paddle or you can just leave them as mostly whole chips.  WIN_20140919_143148

Pop your sheet tray in the freezer for 10 minutes, break into pieces and let your wee Pirate Froglets devour.  Warning:  These are incredibly tasty and prone to disappearance!


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