Chopped Home Parent vs. Parent Edition on the Pond

We love a couple of things here on the Pond- good food and healthy competition being two of them.  Papa Frog and I are a little competitive, in an “It’s all good” sort of way.  The Froglets have been wanting to see us do a home version of Chopped for a while now, but at the beginning of the month, the gauntlet was thrown down officially.  So, what does a Parent vs. Parent Chopped look like on the Pond you might ask?  We did three courses, appetizer, entree and dessert.  However, we nixed the time limits and cooked the entree and dessert at the same time.  Next time we do this I want to challenge Papa Frog to a timed event!  The Froglets were in charge of selecting our mystery ingredients.  For appetizer we had chicken breasts, pepprocini, black olives and a chicken penne spice blend they found.


I made my take on Carrino’s Italian nachos with deep fried pepper rings and Papa Frog made a wrap with an olive dressing.


Dinner round brought us Cornish Game Hens, cooking wine, canned baby potatoes and peach tea.  Papa Frog threw all his eggs into one basket and made a roast off with all the ingredients, and a reduction sauce from the peach tea.  My main course was a Cornish Game Hen stew with mushrooms and carrots and a parmesean potato smear.  Last was dessert.  We were given canned sweet potatoes (the Froglets found cans of potatoes hilarious since it is not something I typically buy), mini Chips Ahoy cookies, craisins and cotton candy suckers.


I made a sweet potato cheesecake with a cookie crust and autumn bark.  Papa Frog attempted marshmallows (his signature) and a sweet potato pudding.  It was so much fun to listen to the kids critiques and hear them discussing the way the dishes succeeded and failed with the challenges.  Plus, I won.  So you know, that always sweetens the deal!

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