What To Do With Fashion Magazines


Let me tell you a story- When I was in the hospital after Scoot was born, Papa Frog got a call from a telemarketer selling magazine subscriptions.  They talked him into signing up.  Fast forward months and the company kept calling trying to sell him more and more magazines.  After almost 6 months of this, he finally filed a complaint with the BBB and we got it all resolved.  And then the magazines started pouring in.  Subscription after subscription to magazines we did not want and did not pay to receive.  We returned them and returned them and the bills started coming in saying that the subscriptions were all paid.  We contacted the company who told us the magazines were all showing under the original paid contract.  Five years later, we have given up, and yet we are still receiving 20-30 magazines a month.  The subscriptions change periodically and they have followed us across 2 states and 4 houses.  Persistent buggers!   Mostly, the magazines get tossed into the school box.  They make lovely paper beads and are great for collages.  But the Froglets have discovered a new love for these magazines….

WIN_20140916_122218 WIN_20140916_122159 WIN_20140916_122136

A box of sharpies and a fashion magazine can keep my Froglets busy for hours.  They aren’t looking at clothes or make-up, except for inspiration.  They aren’t paying attention to body image and advertizing.  Those full face full page ads for make-up and hair products and clothing and glasses are a blank canvas to be turned into vampires and zombies and tigers and bunnies and fish people and superheros.

WIN_20140916_122125 WIN_20140916_121947 WIN_20140916_121857

The paper is thick enough to withstand the marker and bright enough to be entertaining.

WIN_20140916_121846 WIN_20140916_121433 WIN_20140916_121418

I have to say this is the best use for fashion magazines that I have seen lately.


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