Oil Kits- That’s How We DIY On The Pond

I have been talking about creating an oil kit for the diaper bag with some sample sized bottles of Essential Oils.  It never fails- we are out and about and someone scrapes a knee or gets a paper cut or has a meltdown and they come to Mama looking for an oil to help.  I try to remember to bring everything back and forth between home and away.  But, let’s be honest- somedays we are lucky to get out with our shoes on (forget being on the right feet and hair brushed- sometimes that is too much to ask).  Shoes can be fixed and I always keep a brush in the glovebox, but I don’t have extra oils, so if they get forgotten we are out of luck.  Ray Bear sometimes really needs her Peace and Calming, and while she has her own little bottle, well let’s just say she is her Mama Frog’s little Froglet.   But this is where Papa Frog stepped in to save the day (again).  He came home the other day and set to work making me an oil kit.  It is something I have been meaning to do, but it kept getting pushed to “later”.  He added 12 of my must-have oils, including oils for tummy troubles, emotional upsets, ouchies, bumps, scrapes, and my favorite calming oil for myself.  That was amazing enough, but THEN, he took it a step further and added graphics to my box by way of our craft magazines and modge podge.  Needless to say I love love love it!  He also marked each bottle with paint and created a little key for me, because he was afriad I wouldn’t be able to tell the oils apart.

WIN_20140912_204013 WIN_20140912_204001 WIN_20140912_203947

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