Grocery Store Photo Scavenger Hunt- Or “That’s How We Homeschool On Shopping Day”

Today was shopping day- Papa Frog was working, and so the Froglets and I ventured into the City.  We typically do most of our shopping once a month, with perishables replenished as needed.   When I take all 6 Froglets by myself, as you can likely imagine, it can be a whirlwind of people in all directions!  The Froglets are very good, but they get bored (who am I kidding, if I wasn’t budgeting and trying to get everything on my lists I would be bored too).  We have done several different grocery store activities, including finding foods that begin with each letter of the alphabet, foods from different countries, foods of all colors and weights, etc etc.  But today I wanted something different and fun.  I had found a list on Mamas and Munchkins that was so much more fun than your average scavenger hunt.  Items such as “a vegetable that comes in different colors”, “Something with pineapple in the ingredients”, “Something Organic” and “Something with Dill in the name” are just a few of the options (click that link and get that paper- you know you want to!).  But I wanted to ramp it up an extra notch.  The Froglets love to take pictures, and so I thought, why not let them bring the camera.  They had a blast!


(Something that somes in a 6 pack)


(Something organic)


(Chocolate covered fruit)


(I dont think this actually has Pineapple as ingredient, but they tried)


(Something with water as an ingredient)


(A cereal with the word nut in it)


(These suckers are 2/$1.00)


(Bulk food)


(Something priced at $5.99- because yet it counts if its on sale!)


(A bulk food with green in it)


(Food with dill in it)


(Yogurt covered fruit)


This was an engaging activity and they loved it!  I encourage you the next time you are at the store with your own Froglets to let them try this.

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