Blackberry Picking- Or How Tiny Tadpole Ate His Weight In Blackberries

First, let me start by saying, as followers of our Pond Life know, Tiny Tadpole just turned one year old.  So Friday was his one year check.  Now, from the time he was quite small, Tiny Tadpole has been anything but Tiny.  There is irony in his name.  We actually do call him Tiny, although The Boy has started calling him Big Tiny.  After his check-up, I think we should amend that to Huge Tiny.  Tiny Tadpole is almost 31 lbs and stands almost 32 inches tall.  My last baby is growing up so fast.

This weekend was a normal one for the Frog Family.  We had originally planned to take the Froglets camping since Papa Frog is finally getting weekends off work again, but the weatherman called for rain.  Silly weatherman.  On Sunday morning, with beautiful skies and not a hint of rain anywhere, we decided to take the Froglets blackberry picking.  We go every year, although last year we did not make it, since Tiny Tadpole had just been hatched.  We loaded up the Froglets, some buckets, the wrap and hit the road.


There is a spot that a friend showed us when we first moved to the Pond, and we return to it every year.  We have yet to be dissappointed and this year was no different.  Got Tiny Tadpole in his favorite place (the wrap) and off we went. DSC04027

It wasn’t long before the Froglets found blackberries.  They were eating more than they were picking!  Luckily there were plenty for eating and for picking.  We wanted to get enough to make a pie and a cobbler at least.  When you are feeding 8 hungry Frogs, a small pie won’t do.

DSC04024DSC04035 DSC04034

Little by little, the bucket filled.DSC04032

Papa Frog can reach blackberries the rest of us can’t reach.  I couldn’t dive into the bushes like I normally do, because TIny Tadpole is getting to the stage where he wants to grab everything.  Blackberry brambles are not so good for grabbing!DSC04031  DSC04025

Our day was not without casualties.  Ray Bear’s pants….  DSC04043

Jelly Bean’s Shirt….DSC04042

Even Scootaloo’s fingers…..DSC04041

Mr. Boy was great at berry picking.  DSC04040

He found the best bush of the day.DSC04039

Jelly Bean ate more berries than she put in the bucket…DSC04036

Lizard breath used a tree to reach some hard to reach brambles…DSC04065

And Scootaloo got sidetracked with a little moth she found.DSC04064

But it was Tiny Tadpole who had the best time, when Ray Bear came over and offered him a few berries. DSC04063 DSC04061 DSC04055 DSC04051

It wasn’t long before all the Frog Sisters were picking blackberries for Tiny Tadpole!DSC04050 DSC04049 DSC04048 DSC04047

Luckily Papa Frog was still picking berries for the bucket…DSC04046 And we ended up with plenty for a pie and a cobbler both!DSC04045

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Picking- Or How Tiny Tadpole Ate His Weight In Blackberries

  1. Tiny is so high on your back!
    Berry pickin’ is something I love. but it is indeed hot labour. I usually wear a “beer can straw hat” with water bottles. Because….classy

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