Tiny Tadpole Sprouts Legs- Or How My Baby Turned One- Or Where Has The Last Year Gone

September 3rd, 2013, Papa Frog and I welcomed Tiny Tadpole into our arms, although he was already in our hearts.  Tiny Tadpole is the youngest of our children, and barring some miracle, our last.  There were many parallels between my pregnancy with him and E.  And although E was not our first child, he was our first son, and in many ways it seems as though Tiny Tadpole has closed that circle.  The last year has been an amazing adventure, watching Tiny Tadpole grow more fully into himself.  He has remained a chill guy, laid back and easy going, ready to smile and chuckle in his deep little voice.  It has been bittersweet to watch his firsts and anticipate his lasts, because well they are my last firsts and my last lasts.  With four adoring sisters and an amazing big brother to guide him, Tiny Tadpole is surrounded by nothing but love and brings nothing but joy.  That is not to say he isn’t a rascal.  Because he is.  It’s just to say that while I can hardly see my baby anymore in those chubby cheeks, I can look back at his baby pictures and see the boy he would grow into by his first birthday. 


Tiny Tadpole’s birth was not what I imagined it would be (seldom are they I suppose).  It was difficult to go through and difficult to look back on.  I have learned through his birth, if nothing else, that just because I struggled with his entrance into this world, it is worth fighting every day because he is here.   I wanted to take a minute and share with you TIny’s first birthday- may it be the first of too many to count!

DSC03977 DSC03978 DSC03982 DSC03991 DSC03992 DSC03993 DSC03994 DSC03996 DSC03999 DSC04002 DSC04004  DSC04013 DSC04014 DSC04017 DSC04018 DSC04019 DSC04020 

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