Ocean Research- Two Different Frogs, Two Different Creatures, Two Different Approaches

I challenged Lizard Breath and Ray Bear to find some interesting information on two different sea creatures of my choice.  Lizard Breath got a oyster and Ray Bear got a starfish. WIN_20140826_112818 We recently went to a local island at low tide (Papa Frog knew a secret spot under the piers) and got to look at live star fish, hold them and help them back into the water.  10415578_10153159066334782_767473989205316948_n 10487476_10153159065869782_425235690861403804_n 10620603_10153159066649782_41848567513784898_nAt the local Blueberry Festival, we spent a lot of time talking to the guy with the “find your own pearl” booth.  So I knew both of these creatures would pique their interest.  I was not wrong and my sweet Froglets did not disappoint.  They spent a good amount of time on the computer researching and then set about their projects individually.  Lizard Breath decided to do a display about how pearls are made and different types of pearls.  DSC03927She created several elements, including the inside of the oyster before DSC03928and after DSC03929and found actual photographs of the inside of the oyster and pearls. DSC03931 Ray Bear did a poster display with an amazing amount of information on starfish, including several things I didn’t know- Did you know that a starfish can completely regenerate its body from one leg and a small piece of its middle?  I didn’t.       DSC03932

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