DIY Lacing Cards- Underwater Sewing Skills

Underwater sewing.  How fun does that sound?  Okay the reality is not quite sewing underwater, but sewing with an underwater theme.  This Mama Frog has always loved lacing cards, but what I did not always love was trying to wrap tape around the end of yarn to make my own laces.  And since I am supremely tight fisted with my school budget, spending a few dollars on 1-2 pairs of shoelaces just never seemed like a terribly good idea.  I got a laminator this year (the first time I have ever had one and I am wondering why I waited so long!) AND I happened to have a $10.00 credit on Kiwi Crate (check out one of our past boxes and our Kiwi Crate love here) that I wanted to spend on school supplies.  They had a whole box of tipped yarn laces for under $3.00.

DSC03914How could I resist?  You know I couldn’t.  So when the laces came in, I decided I had to make some lacing cards to go with our ocean unit.  While these provide wonderful fine motor skill practice for the Little Froglets, I find that it is also a favorite activity with the Big Froglets too.  The process for making these is super simple.  It takes large simple images (these were from a digital coloring book I scored at Scholastic’s Dollar Sale this year), packing tape or a laminator, a hole punch and some pretty coloring.  DSC03915I printed my image on cardstock (brown craft cardstock happened to be HALF the cost of white, so we are rolling with brown for now).  Then I used scented markers (a cheap Amazon school supply find and a throwback to this Mama Frog’s own life as a froglet) to color the images.  A quick trip through the laminator, a trim with the scissors DSC03921and a bout of hole-punching DSC03922and the images were all ready to be laced.  While this is technically a school activity for the Littles this week, everyone took their turn lacing cards, from Papa Frog down to The Boy.

DSC03923  DSC03920

Another thing I love about the lacing cards, is they are a great way for the Big Froglets to practice specific stitches, like a blanket stitch so they can get the hang of the feel for a stitch.

  DSC03924 DSC03926DSC03925

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