Chilly Ocean Rice and Water Beads

You might have noticed we are big fans of sensory activities.  This week, we had two great sensory adventures.  While these are geared for my Littles (Tiny Tadpole, The Boy and Scootaloo), the older Frogs are definitely interested in getting their hands in them as well.  I ordered a set of water beads on Amazon, that came with 4 different colors- white, blue, green and purple.  I reconstituted them and added them a large tote with a couple of handfuls of small ocean animals. WIN_20140827_112813

As you can see, Tiny Tadpole was infatuated!  He started out with just his hands in the beads…WIN_20140827_112902

First one hand…WIN_20140827_112959

Then two hands…WIN_20140827_112845

Then a little more….WIN_20140827_112915

Until he was completely IN the tub!!WIN_20140827_113119


For our sensory rice, I made peppermint scented turquoise rice  and then put it in the freezer.  I added a variety of sea creatures and other goodies I ordered on Etsy into the rice and The Boy had a surprise when he put his hands in the chilly rice!  It was a perfect opportunity to talk about the temperatures of the different oceans with the big Froglets and let me tell you, every day this week The Boy has asked for his rice to play in at least once!  I just put in the freezer when we aren’t using it!


 WIN_20140826_105243  WIN_20140826_105236

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