Seahorses and Puffins Oh My!

For some of our first easing back into the school routine, the Froglets and I set about making some props for our school room.  They were excited to help the littles learn a new song (we have several we will be learning), so we decided to make puppets.  The song is about a seahorse (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star).


The Little Bitty Seahorse

The little bitty seahorse

went out for a swim,

Up came a wave

And washed the seahorse in.

Out came the sun

and calmed the roaring sea,

And the little bitty seahorse

Went out to play again.


I did a google search for a simple seahorse coloring image (like the image below), which I printed for the Froglets on brown cardstock.


They then decorated the seahorses with markers, crayons and glitter.  After they cut them out, we taped them to a popcicle stick.


They used the puppets to help them learn the seahorse song, and then, when we weren’t using the puppets, I made a reef they could rest in.  I took construction paper and drew seaweed on it and cut slits for the popcicle sticks.

WIN_20140826_124824 WIN_20140826_124243 WIN_20140826_124215




For our puffins, I photocopied an image from one of our schoolbooks.  The Froglets colored both sides, cut them out, stapled them almost completely together and stuffed them with plastic grocery bags before stapling them the rest of the way closed.


This was definitely a high point, and as you can see, they made a great addition to our doorframe!  WIN_20140826_124230 WIN_20140826_124230 (2)


WIN_20140826_113331 WIN_20140826_113340 WIN_20140826_113254 WIN_20140826_113420 WIN_20140826_113239 WIN_20140826_113248    WIN_20140826_112712 WIN_20140826_112707 WIN_20140826_111632

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