Nerds Love Yarn – Blob Fish, Monster Feet and D20s

As you all know, this Mama Frog is a frog of many talents.  Not only do I homeschool the Froglets, write, cook, blog, etc but I also crochet.  You can find me on Etsy and on Facebook through my shop Greybriar Hollow.  I have been writing some patterns (have been designing my own toys for years, but the pattern writing part is new).  In the next few days I will be releasing my second pattern – for the endangered Blob 2 (1)

 But in the meantime, I have been working on lots of nerdy fun.  A Deapool hat for a friend (pattern coming soon!), 10614217_10153159067359782_6202071320020271028_n

a Strawberry hat, a Kirby doll, a Link doll (pattern from Nerdigurumi), a D20 – the prize for the oil class I host on FacebookDice

and a custom order through my Etsy shop for lots of Monster Feet slippers!  I am excited to have several custom slots open for the next three months.  They fill up fast, so if you are considering an order for Christmas I would encourage you to order quickly!  I am just one Mama Frog, and there are only 24 hours in the day.  Monster Feet

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