Oceans Away!


It is that time again!  Time for a new school year to start up here on The Pond, for the Froglets.  We are kicking it old school this year!  Back to projects, and art and themes, because well that is how us Frogs hop!  The first theme we are studying is oceans- with the broad themes covered of Oceans of the World, animals, tidepools, trade and exploration of the New World, pirates, pangea and its breaking up, landscapes of the ocean floor and more!  Ourt first week back has been full of fun and watery adventures.  Because we have such a wide range of ages, there are activities we do together and activities the Froglets do independently.   It also means a lot of fun mail!  I ordered several new books for the Froglets, lots of new art supplies and extras like the water beads.  I found some really great back to school deals on Amazon and scored liquid watercolors, water beads, pipettes, ocean themed fuse beads and clay for a song.  (Well not a literal song- this Mama Frog is more of a croaker than a crooner).  Also new on the school shelf, Lindie Lobster and Oozey Octopus by Suzanne Tate, Big Al by Andrew Clements, Edward and the Pirates  by David McPhail, The Folk Keeper by Frannie Billingsley, Aldabra by Silvana Gandolfi, and The Revenge of the Whale by Nathaniel Philbrick.  Seahorses, puffins, clams, ocean crafts, models of the ocean floor, squid, octopus paintings and more are on the agenda!  I would love to share our adventures with you, along with the information so you can have your own Ocean-Tastic fun!! WIN_20140826_115045WIN_20140826_114943WIN_20140826_115008

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