Using Sensory Play- A New Way to Play with Essential Oils

If you have been by the Pond before, you know that Sensory Play is a big deal for the Froglets.  While two of the Froglets are in the pre-k/Kindergarten range, I find that all of them enjoy spending time with hands on play.  We also have one Froglet with SPD (sensory processing disorder) and I find that activites like this are great for her.  You can read a little bit about our journey through SPD here.  Adding sensory aspects to the hands on play just ramps up the fun!  I am getting ready to reveal some of my ocean unit but to get you excited for that, I thought I would take this time to share some of my favorite tried and true sensory recipes.

There are some things you should keep in mind when creating a scented sensory experience for your own Froglets using essential oils.   Many oils lends themselves quite well to this type of play.  Our favorite go-to oils are citruses such as Lemon, Orange, Lime, Tangerine and Citrus Fresh, Thieves, Peppermint (NOT for littles under 2), cinnamon bark(a little dab’ll do ya), pine, lavender, Peace and Calming, Joy, and Lemongrass.  There are other options however, depending on what you are doing.  For example, if I were making a pizza station for my littles, I would make Basil scented dough.

Each essential oil has its own benefits- Lavender and Peace and Calming are soothing scents, good for play in the afternoons when everyone needs to be calm, Joy is good for those days when grumpiness happens, Lemon is great for after naps for its invigorating properties.  They can also be used for other benefits.  Do you have a Froglet with a tummy bug who needs a quiet activity?  Playdough with peppermint will help settle the tummy.   Is it cold and flu season?  Would you like to add some immune boosting play?  Why not mix up a batch of homemade finger paints with lemon, orange, Thieves and lemongrass?

Learn how to make we use oils to make scented rice for our sensory tubs.  Or maybe Moon Dough is more your speed.  You could even add essential oils to our Dark Unicorn Magic.  These three links from the past are all adventures in sensory exploration.  They offer texture, temperature (ever put sensory rice in the freezer prior to playing with it?) and scents as well as an opportunity for your Froglets to get their hands into the world around them.  Froglets experience everything by doing.

Here are some other recipes you might enjoy:

Scented Watercolors

DIY Beeswax Modeling Clay

Lime Homemade Flubber


Also, join me later this week.  My good friend is coming for a visit and bringing her froglets.  Let’s be honest.  It is nearing Fall on the Pond and that means it is likely that during the week they are here at least one day will be rainy and bleh.  What are two wise mamas to do with 11 Froglets on a day like that?  I don’t know about you, but my go-to is aromatherapy/scented playdough.  I will be walking you, step by step, through completing some sensory fun of your own.

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