Poke- Party

It is official!  We now have an eleven year old Lizard Breath and a 5 year old Scoot.  Their birthdays are one day apart, and so as we usually do, we held one big blow out birthday bash.  This year’s theme was Pokemon- yep the Froglets tend to run a few years behind current trends.  We planned for about 25 guests (considering that just the Frog Family is 8 people and many of our friends have larger families as well!).  I made Pokemon Ball Pizzas, Poke-Punch and had various Pokemon themed snacks and a Poke-ball cake.  All in all, the party was a big hit!10450311_511663118965809_3174273075204979773_o

Tiny Tadpole eating a party hat.

10351891_511662305632557_7766929343788808037_nPickachu Pinata

10383543_511662202299234_7362797251311739802_n Swirlix Cotton Candy10424981_511662255632562_387212269329357206_n Slowpoke Tails

10460716_511662238965897_7310271550037294397_n Charizard Fire10468153_511662715632516_551898505561477683_o Party Decorations10494887_511663112299143_451566203627481835_o You go Mr. Boy!10498328_511662435632544_307275217386790784_o Party Masks10505197_511662488965872_486392317578795877_o Pokemon Cake (Hey cut this Mama Frog a break- I am not cake decorator!)

10531406_511662282299226_8886935252833651700_o Party Table10550008_511662198965901_7368560733432647671_o Party Game- Guess How Many Caterpies.  We actually had someone guess the right #.

10550149_511662368965884_1200562115443121270_o Party Table10575369_511662205632567_1780205553960073103_oParty Planning

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