Nerds Love Oils



We are lucky to have a guest post from my dear friend Mama Tillman, talking about her awesomely talented hubby’s trip to Comic-Con and spreading some oily love.   She writes:





Comic Con International 2014 is water under the bridge at this point.
And it was an exciting week. My husband went for sixth the year in a row. I am super proud that he hit such an important (to him) career goal so early in life AND on target for his life path. Along with tools of his trade and business cards, he took some essential oils with him.
Because we live on the east coast and ComicCon is in San Diego, he flies in. Every year I ask him to please take Thieves on his person through the airport, the plane, the hotel, the Con, the everywhere!  With clove and cinnamon having antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral properties not to mention its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon being able to stimulate your immune system, eucalyptus being wonderful to soothe the respiratory system, and rosemary’s ability to ease fatigue and stress is there any wonder why I insist so? Peppermint is one that I don’t have to remind him to pack; it has become a daily staple for him to carry it. Peppermint is good for headache relief in his world. Peppermint in a pinch can be soothing to an upset tummy but for that I urge my family to reach for DiGize.


Now this is truly a magical blend containing tarragon renowned for its ability to aid in all manner of digestive disorders,  ginger beloved by anyone who has ever suffered morning sickness is known and loved for its ability to settle nausea as well as its ability to move things along if ya know what I mean, peppermint probably for its anti-inflammatory properties, juniper with is detoxing and antispasmodic mojo going on, fennel used in digestive problems being known for its work as a laxative, helping with water retention, and making parasites unhappy, lemongrass with its reputation as an anti-parasitic and analgesic, anise again a reputation as an analgesic, diuretic, and anti-spasmodic, and patchouli is being known for being antitoxic, a diuretic, and good for overall digestive issues I personally believe this is added to help the smell be palatable.

Comic Con might be the biggest party of the summer but it isn’t the only or the last I hope you grab these awesome oils and find a con near you.


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