Comic Con and Nerd Fun!

Here is a fun fact for you about this Mama Frog.  I am a nerd.  Full-on hard-core nerd.  That means that for me, the countdown to Comic Con is a big deal and I revel in all the fun!  I won’t be making it to Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate all the things that make my nerdy heart sing.  Moving is over, and that is cause to celebrate as well.  For the next week, join me as I post celebrating all things nerd.  Also, stay tuned for a glimpse into the coolest new TCG RPG I know- Dark Legacy.  All the fun will culminate next Wednesday (new comic day!) with a gamer essential oil class on Facebook.  I promise you it will be like nothing you have seen before!   Sneak peaks all week long!! But first, some fun recipes using beloved comic book characters and one of the gorgeous characters from Dark Legacy, courtesy of Kaiser Studios!

 Wonder Woman

The Wolverine

Hair Lightener

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