Ending and Beginnings

There have been so many exciting things happening on the pond!  We found a rental home and get to move in sooner rather than later, which means we can have a big bash for our July Birthday Froglets.  There is even space for part of my garden.  I am a sad Mama Frog that we cannot take our chickens, but a local friend has offered to let them stay on her land, and we will just care for them.  All in all, its a win.  Also exciting for me this month has been the growth of my oils.  Sharing the oils with friends and family has given me the opportunity to touch a lot of lives in a positive way!  It is exciting for me to be able to add to our homestead fund with the commission checks I get.  And I should get my first one next month!  That is big for me.  Bear with me over the next two weeks as I pack and get my Frog Family moved from one part of the Pond to another- hopping lily pads you might say.   If you are interested in using oils with your own family I would love to share with you how they have helped us!  You can click on the image below to sign up and become a part of the oily side of the Frog Family.

USES of Main 10

And just in case you are interested in oils, but are living on a tight budget and are looking for some thrifty oils to try that will give you Young Living Quality with budget friendly prices:

25 or less

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