Gardening Revised

I had grand plans for the garden this year.  Then we got the word that the couple we have been renting from wanted to sell the house and were not willing to renew our rental lease.  I had already ordered tons of heirloom seeds and started the ones that would need to be planted inside.  Thankfully, the Maine weather this year has been crazy and I did not have my garden planted yet!  We got the word about moving the weekend I would have been planting the cabbages, lettuces, carrots, etc.  As of now, we still do not know where we will be setting up home come August 1st.  Rentals are few and far between in Downeast Maine.  The question then, became what to do about my garden.  Thanks to a good Mama friend and a lucky freebie find, I ended up with a pile of pots and planters and buckets.  I had to come up with a makeshift idea for a mobile garden!  Well, let me tell you what.  When you are the Mama of this bunch of crazy froglets you learn to improvise and fast!


Today it stopped raining long enough for me to actually get the wee plants transplanted.  Our garden will mostly be comprised of tomatoes, squash, cukes, herbs, cabbages and wonderberries.  But everything we are able to grow is food for the Frog table and that is good enough for me.   It is extremely important to me to know where the food this Frog Family eats comes from.  GMOs are not something I want my family to eat.  One incredibly awesome way to make sure that you get the best quality for your veggie garden is to buy from a trusted supplier of Non-GMO heirloom seeds.  And that is just what I did.  Baker Creek Seeds is where I got my seeds from this year, ordering fun things such as Dragon Eggs Cucumbers and Red Jing Okra, all heirloom and all guaranteed to germinate at a 90% rate.   One major benefit to planting in the pots is that I can extend our growing season, but covering easily or by bringing the plants in when the weather turns cold this fall.  Container gardening is something that I had planned to try anyway to extend the life span of some of my later producing plants, I just had not planned to do my entire garden this way.  Just like planting in your garden, right now I have things close together to be thinned as they grow.  I want to make sure that I get the most production and that means living plants.  I have one more batch of seedlings to transplant and then I will show you all my container “beds”.

WIN_20140621_153004 WIN_20140621_152959 WIN_20140621_152953 WIN_20140621_152949   WIN_20140621_152935 WIN_20140621_153259

One thought on “Gardening Revised

  1. Aww no fun to hear about the unexpected move needed.
    I want to see how your pots do during the move. Fingers crossed for y’all.

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