Makin’ Moon Dough

Summer has hit the pond in full force.  This means that the Froglets are outside playing more than not.  However, sometimes they need a quiet calm down activity inside.  And sometimes….its raining.  Today was one of those days.  Lizard Breath has a new activity starting tonight and the Littles are picking up her impatient vibe.  It seemed like a perfect afternoon to make Moon Dough or Moon Sand as The Boy calls it.   The recipe is quite simple, and takes ingredients that like this Mama Frog, you likely have lying around.  Flour, oil, oils for scenting (optional) and coloring (optional).  I like to add oils especially for afternoon play.  In this case, I used Orange Essential Oil for a pick me up.

4 c. flour

1/2 c. oil of choice ( I generally use olive oil)

3-5 drops Essential oil (suggested oils- Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Peace and Calming, Thieves)

10-20 drops food coloring

WIN_20140617_163354 WIN_20140617_163412

I always end up with lots of little Froglets willing to lend a hand.  And today’s Moon Dough making was no exception.  The Boy added the olive oil to the flour, then he and Scoot and Lizard Breath all helped add the coloring.  Ray Bear was the girl in charge of Orange Oil.

WIN_20140617_163532 WIN_20140617_163625

Lizard Breath gave the mixture a stir, then we mixed it by hand.

WIN_20140617_163703 WIN_20140617_163929

It wasn’t long before there were lots of hands in the dough.  Which when you think about it was the point, right?


Scented Moon Sand

You can find this recipe and LOTS more HERE.

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