Sensory Rice- An Experience in Scent and Sight

Papa Frog is working late tonight, so I thought I would get a sensory activity for the younger Froglets started.  One of our favorites is sensory rice.  I decided tonight to not only color it, but to scent it as well.  Mr. Boy decided to help as well, and we ended up with Ninja Turtle colored rice- Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Blue.  It was scented as follows: Green- Peppermint, Yellow- Lemon, Red- Grapefruit, Purple- Lavender, and Blue was Peace and Calming.  The process is super easy and uses vinegar instead of rubbing alcohol.

What you need:

1 c. rice per color

a drab of gel food coloring or 10 drops of liquid food coloring

1-3 drops of essential oil

1/2 t. vinegar


First I measured out my rice, one color at a time.


You can see the food coloring.  I scooped it out with the end of a fork and dropped it in the rice.  Then I sprinkled the vinegar over top, capped the jar and shook vigorously until it started to show color. WIN_20140611_204809

This is the point where I added the essential oil.  This was the Peppermint oil and I used 2 drops.


A little more shaking and the color was nice and vibrant and mixed through.


I put the rice in a 9×13 glass pan to dry.


The smell of these oils when you swish through the rice is amazing!


Mr. Boy was my helper tonight

Sensory Rice


2 thoughts on “Sensory Rice- An Experience in Scent and Sight

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