Fizzy Pixie Sticks!

I was out today, at our local hardware store buying spices (this is the Pond, that’s just how we do things!) and I noticed they had a jar of citric acid.  I wanted to make the pixie sticks again anyway, so I decided this would be as good of a time as any.  This evening, after supper, I gathered up my supplies.  1 c. sugar, 1 T. citric acid, 3 drops Lemon Oil (I am out of orange at the moment) and 1/2 t. baking soda.  I had also picked up a package of straws today at the dollar store.  After combining all the ingredients, Scoot decided to give our mixture a taste test/quality control check.  She was quick to show me that fizz!

WIN_20140606_205233 WIN_20140606_205241  WIN_20140606_210109 WIN_20140606_210100


Then began the long process of filling each straw.  First Papa Frog sealed one end for me, then we snipped off the bend (those will go in a tub for sensory play).  Using an empty Italian Ice cup with a hole punched in the bottom for a funnel I filled all 100 straws, while Papa Frog sealed the ends.


and I filled…



and I filled….


And I filled….

WIN_20140606_211100 WIN_20140606_211129 WIN_20140606_211140 WIN_20140606_211209 WIN_20140606_211215

Until slowly…


The pile of filled straws grew…


And grew…





ETA: I forgot to mention how we sealed the ends!  My husband used a candle and melted the ends until they were soft then pressed them together.  Alternatively you could use paper straws which don’t require this step.

2 thoughts on “Fizzy Pixie Sticks!

    • I am sorry! I forgot to add that part in. We used a candle, but a lighter would work as well. Anything to melt the ends of the straw. You can also use paper straws which dont require this step.

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