Fizzy Pixie Sticks DIY

Fizzy Pixie Sticks

Ever have one of those days, where you plan to do something, get cute pics to share with everyone and then something happens?  Welcome to this Mama Frog’s week!  I wanted to make some fizzy pixie sticks using one of my favorite Mama Frog’s recipes and share some adorable Pond pics with you all.  Unfortunately, my little Froglets would not stop hopping long enough to get some cute step by steps for ya’all.  So- I figured what the heck.  I would let our little Pixie friend show you how to make them.  We will make these again this coming week as they were a HUGE hit with the Froglets.   And to answer the question- nope you can’t taste the baking soda.  We skipped the citric acid, but my dear wise friend says that a vitamin c tablet crushed up works just as well, so we will be trying that next time!

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