Dark Unicorn Magic, or How We Made Sparkly Magic Night Sky Slime

 Dark Unicorn Magic

It’s been an interesting weekend here on the Pond.  There have been a lot of changes, including an upcoming move and the death of a family member.  We all needed something to occupy our afternoon!  Papa Frog and the big froglets are getting our tents weatherized, and so I decided to make some sensory fun for the little froglets.  I had recently pinned an idea to make starry night slime.  I tweaked a little, because well that is what a Mama Frog does when she doesn’t have everything a recipe calls for.  I added a 5 oz bottle of clear Elmer’s glue to a small mixing bowl along with 7 drops of blue food coloring and 5 drops of red food coloring, plus a generous splash of purple glitter.  On the ready was 1/2 c. of liquid starch.  The recipe warned that although many recipes call for equal parts of starch and glue that 1. that amount is seldom needed and 2. it is best not to dump them all together and then glob through the mess with a spoon.  Since our last few experiments have involved equal parts, dumping and globbing I thought we would try her way.

WIN_20140601_144547 WIN_20140601_144723 (2) WIN_20140601_144832


I mixed the glue and colors together.   The little by little I added the starch.


And a little more.


And just a little more!





All in all I used only about 1/4 of a cup of starch.  The slime was still pliable but not sticky.  It sparkles beautifully.  Lizard Breath came by in the final stages and said, “Oh so that is how you make dark unicorn magic!”

If you would like to make some Dark Unicorn Magic of your own, you can follow these directions:

1- 5 oz bottle of clear Elmer’s Glue

1/4-3/4 c. of liquid starch (available in the laundry section of nearly any store: it comes in a big blue jug)

food coloring or liquid water colors



Add glue, coloring and glitter to a small mixing bowl.  Combine.  Add starch bit by bit until the slime comes together.  When finished, slime should be stretchy and pliable but not sticky.  Original recipe can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Dark Unicorn Magic, or How We Made Sparkly Magic Night Sky Slime

  1. dark unicorn magic looks like fun. what do you do with it? just throw it at the walls to see who’s sticks the longest?

    • Sometimes….we shall not discuss the clay that is still on the bathroom wall….we have also stuck it to various froglets’ shirts (luckily it washes out), stuck to the table, Ray Bear’s hair and the kitchen floor. That is how you know it good fun.

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