Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs….And Monsters

There are generally two sorts of Frogs who live here on the Pond.  One is the kind who loved bugs- I mean can’t get enough of the creepy crawlies.  These Frogs catch bugs, they study bugs, they identify them and try to raise them.  (For example, the first year we moved Downeast and Lizard Breath raised slugs from slug-eggs- which I know, not technically bugs, but still….)  Then there are those Frogs who are allergic to little biting ants and stinging critters.  That would be Mama Frog.  However, this year, because of a change in job positions at the company where he works, Papa Frog is spending a lot of time in the blueberry fields this year, and the black flies (think nasty mosquitoes on steroids) are out in DROVES!  This Mama Frog, being fully aware of the chemicals in DEET and OFF and all those commercial bug sprays decided to put her oils to work again!  Last night, I made Papa Frog a spray bottle full of bug away spray.  A Wise Mama friend shared a new recipe for bug spray, so I am waiting to hear if it keeps the black flies out of Papa Frog’s nose and mouth, since he is off to work on this cool Saturday morning!

Also in a spray bottle at my house, Anti-Monster Spray.  The Froglets sleep upstairs, but because of the way the staircase in this house is built, the box springs for the bigger bed wouldn’t fit up the stairs.  So….That means that Papa Frog and The Boy and Tiny Tadpole and I sleep downstairs.  The girl Frogs sleep in the two bedrooms upstairs and then they have a playroom up there.  It is nice, except for one problem.  My Froglets are convinced there are monsters that live upstairs, and as a result, they will not set foot up the stairs one at a time.  They are okay in pairs, but that makes it very difficult when one Frog needs to put on a clean shirt, and spends more time looking for a Sister Frog to go up with them than they do actually getting dressed.  So this Mama Frog decided she had to do something!  Enter the Anti-Monster Spray.  It repels monsters faster than you can say SHOO!  And its simple and inexpensive, so if your Frogs get carried away with spraying and use too much its okay.  For this batch I did a smaller bottle, distilled water and a combo of Peace and Calming and Lavender.

Anti Monster Room Spray


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