Teething Necklaces and #100happydays


This Mama Frog has made a commitment to join the #100happydays movement. I am currently on day 10 (or 11- sometimes I forget these things). But I wanted to share my happy for yesterday! First a little Mama Frog history. This Mama Frog started out as a very conventional mama. Over the years I have become more and more crunchy in my views or as Papa Frog likes to say “Hippy Dippy”. However there was one thing I had never tried in the past with any of the Froglets until Tiny Tadpole came along. Poor Tiny Tadpole started teething when he was about 4 months old. He did not however get teeth until a couple of months later. Instead what he did was cry and drool and bite. Everything. But it appears that nipples are particularly pleasant to bite when a Tiny Tadpole is in the throes of teething. Not only was Tiny Tadpole miserable, but it made for one uncomfortable Mama Frog!! OUCH! In reaching out to like-minded mamas, who suggested many things, one that came up over and over again was the amber teething necklace. I have to tell you, this Mama Frog was SKEPTICAL. I am not sure why- after all my medicine chest is mainly composed of essential oils, clay, healing honey (Manuka honey), charcoal and coconut oil. Why, after seeing those things work would I doubt the power of the teething necklace? I have no answer, but I did! However, poor Tiny Tadpole was so unhappy that Papa Frog and I decided it was worth a try. So amid some good-natured ribbing from a skeptical Papa, we anxiously awaiting our first teething necklace. It came quickly and it worked! By golly. Tiny Tadpole was back to his happy-go-lucky self. Even Papa Frog had to admit that it worked. Then, the unthinkable happened. The necklace got taken off for a bath and the best anyone can tell, went down the sink drain. Now, poor Tiny Tadpole was back to hurting and even worse, back to biting. And I mean biting everything! Especially his Mama. Papa Frog suggested the purchase of a new teething necklace this time. I am relieved to announce it came yesterday. I put it on Tiny Tadpole, and I am pleased to report that we have been 16 hours without a biting incident! And that makes me happy! I am including a pic so you can see this delightful thing, as well as the recipe for one of our favorite teething creams.


Teething Cream

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