Let’s Talk About Mud

Muddy yard (because yes, it is raining here at the Pond again), busy froglet feet, crawling Tiny Tadpole and old hard wood floors.  What do these things have in common, you might be asking.  Why would a Mama Frog start a conversation out this way?  I am sitting here, nursing a Tiny Tadpole, looking at his dirty little leggings that were clean less than an hour ago.  I have already swept twice today and mopped yesterday.  What is a Mama Frog to do??  I have the best solution actually.  I have a delightful recipe for Bare Foot Wipes.  I keep a box in my car, so when we are out and the shoes come off (as shoes are wont to do) I can wipe off the Froglets’ feet before they get back into the car.  So, in addition to instituting a no shoes beyond the front door until Tiny Tadpole learns to walk, I making an additional container of wipes to hang by the front door.  When muddy little feet come tromping through the doorway, they can stop, take off their shoes and wipe their dirty toes!  I thought I would share that recipe with you.   If you use it, let me know how it works for you.  And if you have any other suggestions for my muddy feet problem please let me know! Image

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