Allergies on the Pond

Poor Tiny Tadpole and poor The Boy.  Spring has finally arrived at the Pond, and with it pollen.  Both the boy frogs are congested and coughing with allergies!  What is a Frog Mama to do when allergies make her tiny frogs miserable?  Did you know that 40% of froglets suffer from seasonal allergies?  There are several natural remedies, like local honey, but what happens when one of the allergy sufferers is under the age of 2 and too young for honey?  This Mama Frog is using essential oils to help her littles with allergies.  For Tiny Tadpole, I am  using the Allergy Bomb for kids recipe, diffused and rubbed on his feet.  For The Boy, it is Allergy Shot for Kids, with local raw honey and essential oils.  Those two froglet boys are already feeling better from the oils.  If you are in need of some allergy relief for your froglets, here are a couple of recipes.  Also, don’t forget the Kid’s Recipe Book , with over 50 great kids’ recipes!

Allergy Bomb Kids Allergy Shots Kids

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