Spring has come to the Pond


Tiny Tadpole sees that something is different at the pond and wants a closer look.  Where is the white snow and the dreary rain?  What are all those bright colorful things everywhere?

WIN_20140523_175835 WIN_20140523_175836 WIN_20140523_175840 WIN_20140523_175903


FLOWERS?!?!?!?!  Is it possible that spring has finally come to the Pond?  It appears to be the case!  We went yesterday and walked along the Farmer’s Market, which is along the dike.  And what did we find?  The spring flowers are out in droves!  We couldn’t resist adding a few (okay more than a few) to our purchases so that we could make the yard here at the Pond lovely.


Even the clucky ladies are happy to be out in the sunshine. WIN_20140523_180122


The raised beds go in today and then this magical set of seeds (note the dragon seeds) and a whole lot more! will be planted and grow into a rich bounty of fresh veggies and fruits for this Frog Family to enjoy.


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