Time on the Pond

Well, its been a minute since I posted hasn’t it?  Time here on the Pond seems to travel like that.  I will have lots of time to post and then things happen and my time disappears magically for months on end.   It is hard to believe that our Tiny Tadpole is already almost 9 months old!  Where has all that time gone?  It has been a long long winter here at the Pond and a cold rainy spring thus far.  For the first time the Frog Family is the proud raiser of chickens.  We have 8 lovely ladies growing into sultry egg-layers as we speak!  Mama Frog spends a fair bit of her free time these days at Greybriar Hollow  https://www.facebook.com/greybriarhollow.  Mama Frog has also found a couple of other fun things this spring.  The first is the world of essential oils (Look out for some of Mama Frog’s favorite recipes!) and fermented food (again more recipes!).  Consider this the Frog Family opening up the Pond door, shaking out the welcome mat and inviting you back in!  We missed you, and I hope you missed us too.  Holt onto your tails.  It is going to be a crazy summer!


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