One Pond Problem Solved

Swimmers Ear


Okay, so this is not a Pond Problem yet, but I am not ruling it out.  Here at the Pond we spend as much of the summer as we can in the water- lakes, rivers, streams, sprinklers, oceans.  You name it and the Frogs are there, splashing and diving and swimming.  Part of that is because it is so BRRRR here in the winter’s and Pond winters are crazy wicked long!  I was so excited to find this recipe for Swimmer’s Ear.  This Mama Frog believes in being prepared and in keeping her little Froglets safe and healthy.  It just so happens that Tiny Tadpole’s diaper bag always has a bottle of Lavender Oil in it for cuts, rashes, scrapes, and for RayBear’s emotional breakdowns.  An empty oil bottle will be perfect to mix up a preventative batch of this Swimmer’s Ear remedy to have on hand.  Keep in mind, with all Mama Frogs recipes, what you see is not a professional talking, unless you mean professional Mama.  With 6 hopping Froglets I think I definitely qualify on that front.  Instead, what you see is my experiences, and my suggestions, one Wise Mama Frog to another.   You know how us Mamas are though- we find something great and helpful and we HAVE to talk about it and share it with our Mama friends.  So if you aren’t interested, just keep on scrolling to more snippets of Pond Life.  And who knows, you might learn something from this old Frog yet.   If you find that you have a hankering for some essential oils, click below.

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