Egg Carton Masks





As it has been yet another rainy day here on the Pond (so rainy in fact that Papa Frog got to come home for several hours late this morning), we decided to do something fun instead of regular boring old chores and worksheets (okay you got this Mama- we do chores, but seldom do those boring old worksheets- but it sounded good right?).  A friend had sent me the instructions for egg carton masks this morning.  Here is something you likely don’t know about this Mama Frog.  She has a deep love of masks.  And it is a love that most of the Froglets share.  So we broke out the paint, pulled out an old egg carton flat, popped some popcorn and got to work.

WIN_20140521_143138 (2)  WIN_20140521_143706


It took more than a minute, and two different pairs of scissors, plus a little help from Lizard Breath, but we got our masks cut out, with a few extras.  Then came the fun part.

WIN_20140521_152316 WIN_20140521_152324 WIN_20140521_152328 WIN_20140521_152824

After the masks were painted, the even funner part was trying them on.


WIN_20140521_153801Lizard Breath got in on the action with her seagull mask.

WIN_20140521_153809Even Tiny Tadpole got a turn with some help from the biggest sister frog.

WIN_20140521_153837And RayBear showed off one of her two macaw masks.

WIN_20140521_170628Jelly Bean birds it up

Directions were very simple, but a step by step tutorial can be found here .  This inspired Lizard Breath to make an entire seagull costume, so hop by tomorrow to see it completed and dry!


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