Bugs, Frogs and Leaves


Lizard Breath has a thing for all things creepy.  And I do mean all things creepy.  At least here on the Pond she can hunt creepy crawlies without me having to worry about her getting stung/bitten or otherwise harmed by said creepies.  One of her biggest loves is frogs.  And with all the rain frogs have been a’plenty here.  Only problem- none have been within her reach.  Until yesterday morning, when she found this little peeper in the puddle in the driveway.  I told her he stopped by to say hi to her.  Her response- Aww, that was sweet of him.




Moths are another favorite creepy here.  The Frogs have found some incredibly beautiful moths this summer.  Every time they find one, they want a picture of it so they can remember it.   The two moths on this page were Ray Bear’s finds.



In the midst of the hot hot summer, we have two Frog birthdays, one day apart.  The oldest and youngest of the Frog girls nearly share a birthday, and although we do special things for each, they do generally share a party.  This summer they wanted a bug party.  It was a quiet affair, as this Mama Frog is 4 weeks from the arrival of the newest Tadpole.  But I did get a pre-frosted cake (which I never do!) and added my own bugs.  I think its delightfully creepy.


DSC02611 DSC02610

Artistic to a fault, Ray Bear brought me this beautiful leaf creation she made.  She took leaves from the yard and turned them into a lovely flower.  Her creativity never fails to amaze me.



And the loveliest pink and yellow moth happened to get captured briefly by Ray Bear.  This is him, on the living room window right before he made his daring escape to freedom.

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